Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Silent Cocoa Nighcap

I just wanted a bit of chocolate, a coco nightcap if you will. That’s it, that’s all. I looked over at Dan. He was lying on his back, arms above his head, chest hair like a tiger’s, kind of regal if you thought about it the right way, and most importantly: asleep. He was snoring so loudly the echoes had echoes. I watched him closely, like a mama hawk. Not a stir; I was in the clear. So I got up, like a ninja, slipped on my fuzzy bunny slippers, and tiptoed to my stash. It was like I was walking on air, I didn’t even know I was moving. That’s before I stepped on something soft and boney. Squiggles, our cat, screeched like there was no tomorrow. I turned around, fast as lightening. Dan didn’t wake. ‘Phew’ I thought and continued. I got to my stash, unraveled it, opened it, smelled it. So good! Milk chocolate! Dark chocolate! White Chocolate! All kinds of chocolate!

What to have, what to have? I couldn’t decide. So I took everything back to bed with me. Softly, I opened my bedside drawer, watching Dan once again like a hawk, and putting everything in the back of the drawer. I slipped off my fuzzy bunnies, got back in the bed, and pretended to sleep. Then inspiration! Dark chocolate M & M’s with almonds! That’s what I want. I listened to Dan snore. Then I peeked over at him with one eye to make sure. The mission was a go. I reached into the drawer, pulled out the bag of M&M’s, a huge smile on my face, and then… the snoring stopped. Caught, I turned around sheepishly and there was Dan. Eyes open, hand open. A huge smile on his face. “I’d love some. Thank you.”

I poured away, then texted my best friend. Why did I text her at 2:47 in the morning? Because I had to.

(416): I don't understand how he can't hear himself snoring but he'll wake up to me sneaking M&M's from my junk food stash beside the bed...

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